Phono Cartridges


Ortofon Cartridges are a mainstay at All That Jazz. Personnel have been associated with Ortofon Cartridges since 1977 and are true believers in the sound, durability and reliability of these units.

Ortofon cartridges have always been considered of the best, one of the most notable pieces was a Moving Coil unit named an MC 20. This renowned cartridge had a place on many of the high end turntables during the 70’s and 80’s. Ortofon still makes Moving Coil Cartridges as well as Moving Magnet and each series has found a place in the hearts of both audiophiles and users alike.

The 2M series of Moving Magnet cartridges are pretty much considered benchmarks in their price ranges.
2M Red; $139. uses a tipped elliptical stylus
2M Blue; $349. uses a “nude” elliptical stylus
2M Bronze; $499. uses a Fine Line Stylus that fits deeper in the groove
2M Black ; $850. uses a Shibata Stylus

Looking for the magic sound of a moving coil cartridge? Ortofon has 3 series, Turbo which needs no additional MC transformers, Quintet which uses a transformer and the Cadenza line.

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