Synthesis – Art in Music


From its foundation in 1992, the “Synthesis Art in Music ®” has had as its main objective to design equipment with the ultimate aim is not just sound reproduction, but to offer a product that represents refined elegance and musicality all rolled into a single element.

The results of 25 years of labour can easily be seen in the ROMA series, the latest from Synthesis Audio. Attention to detail such as the design of the Output transformer.

The Output transformer uses a Hi-Grade lron-Silicon for superb frequency reproduction & width. With this newly designed custom output transformer Synthesis designers were able to achieving highly delicate & precise sound reproduction faithful to the original recording.

Attention has been paid to Mechanical chassis construction. The power supply & output transformers are held by an extremely rigid structure that keeps the unit free from unwanted vibrations which further helps reduce unwanted noise to the tubes.

Convenience features such as Remote control are included controlling volume, mute and source selection.

Gold plated ceramic tube sockets for a continued oxidisation free connection further improve sound refinement.

Components for the Roma 27AC have been selected with great care throughout. Only the best available components are considered & all must undergo an exhaustive analysis of their sonic influence prior to final selection.

The ROMA series consists of CD/DAC, Phono Stage, solid state, tube and Hybrid as well as a Digital Integrated Amplifier