Turntable Tune-ups

turntable 1

Most folks don’t realize just how much better a well set-up turntable can sound. Even your old Technics belt-drive, Semi Automatic turntables can sound awesome. Most turntables, even 5 year old models can do with a new belt, headshell, mat or cartridge. None of these items last forever and it costs little for a great improvement.

Turntable Tune-Ups include;

  1. Check overall operation*
  2. Balance Tonearm
  3. Check Alignment
  4. Check Anti-Skate
  5. Check Stylus/Cartridge
  6. Check and treat Turntable Belt
  7. Check Lubricants If Available

Options include;

  1. New Stylii / Cartridges
  2. New Belts
  3. Cork Mat
  4. Leather Mat
  5. Phono Stages
  6. Complete Suspension Set-Up