Speaker Stands


I have just realized that never have I mentioned anything about speaker stands. Slipped up here didn’t I!   At All That Jazz we carry a stand line called TARGET.  This company is from the UK and is known globally for outstanding build quality, although design is somewhat basic.

You may recall that I have mentioned that every piece of your audio gear is impacted by other things, floors, walls, cubic footage of your listening area, if a monitor placed on a shelf, the shelf and size of the opening impacts as well.  When choosing a stand for your speaker, it is firstly important that the stand raises your speaker so that the tweeter is actually at ear height when you are seated in your favourite listening chair, The stand should be very sturdy in construction and may in fact be heavy.  The stand should actually decouple the speaker from the floor, spikes are usually the most common and economical to do that. If you have wooden floors and want to resist damaging the floor, Spike Shoes which are a simple disc can be placed under the spikes which will result in no damage to your wood.

If your speakers come with spikes there are other options from companies like Black Diamond Racing that will fit under the spikes and do an even better job of decoupling. The speaker stand shown is one of the HS Series from Target, Note the solid base and top plate, Spikes are also included with these stands.  In most cases, metal stands for your speakers are available from about 12″ to 40″ in height. Obviously tall stands are for monitors, short stands for floor standing. If you own monitors, and you need them on a shelf or wall, uses cones for the shelf and wall mounts for that scenario.

Hope this helps, give us a holler with any suggestions or questions. Thanks to All of You!