Hey Guys, Just a few words re; our posts

Welcome to our latest posts. It is very gratifying to receive you comments and again thank you all so much. I do want to request a few things though. Many of the comments request responses and many deserve responses for your kindness. Issue is that oftentimes both email address and website are not working. It would be great if you could offer working addresses

As you all have seen, I hate Spam, I promise that I will not contact you unless your comment requests it or deserves it. I love all the comments and to be frank look forward to reading them. I am very new to running a blog. Initially the blog was started to see if anyone would care for my ideas and gotta tell you all and again thank you all as our blog receives and average of 800 hits daily. Thank you all so much for this incredible response, I am in your debt.

I understand that many of you want to learn more, I can either assist by adding posts or direct you to resources such as 6 moons, an emag. Please feel free to make your requests.

Oh, by the way, I am not gay (not that it matters to me), I do not want your beach rentals, I am using SEO programs, I already own shoes as do most of the readers. I beg of the few Spammers that won’t let up, PLEASE stop your Spam. The readers of this blog really don’t care for this stuff. I also know very little about football except playing it, Baseball to me is like watching paint peel but I love to play it but ask me about hockey… Actually, don’t bother because I love to play but don’t watch.

Thanks so much for your loyalty. You are all fabulous!

PS, to you grammar gurus, yes there may be spelling errors, I do try to clean it up however this blog is written from the heart. It is family friendly and hopefully a fun read. Please accept minor errors as my gift to you – gives you a reason to comment!