Shine-ola CD Cleaner

Many of us are of the opinion that a CD or DVD “is what it is”. If the disc is scratched or simply skips, our thoughts are that the CD or DVD player is likely at the end of its’ life and “time to replace it”. Often, with players from Costco or a big box store that truly is the case and even if it isn’t, to take the unit to a repair depot will cost as much, or nearly as much as to purchase a new player. I have 2 solid suggestions for you:

  1. Buy a good CD player – some now come standard with 5 year warranties. Why, they last for 8 or 10 years rather than months, they rarely break  and when they do, they can usually be repaired easily and more often than not the repair is simply an alignment issue. If you think about it for a minute, within that time period, you will have purchased at least 5 cheap CD players and you know they always break when you need them the most.
  2. Clean and properly store your CDs.  Toss the CD carrying cases (you know those devices that hold a million and scratches them all)  as they require that the CD be inserted into a fibre pocket that mars the CD. Yes, use the plastic case they come in and when the case breaks, replace it.

CDs are not impervious to wear, fingerprints and scratches cause the error correction circuit in the CD player to work overtime which truly has a dramatic effect on the music. A couple of days ago, a customer visited our store and asked for a CD by a fabulous jazz artist (Madeleine Peyroux). I explained that all that I had was my demo left  as we had a busy “Music” weekend. I played a few tracks on it then used Shine-ola like I use whenever a used CD comes into my shop. The customer could not believe the difference – crisper highs, tighter bass. He purchased both my demo and a bottle of Shine-Ola. It ” honest to God” works.

The bottle costs about $30.00, cleans 400-500 cds. Great stuff!