Considering a multi-room Audio System?

One very important component to consider when building or renovating your home is a multi-room audio system. These systems allow you, the consumer to have any room in your home equipped with speakers and a keypad which will let you control what you hear, at the volume you want to experience it, independently from what is playing in the rest of your environment.

Multi-room audio systems are not new, various types have been in use for many years using basic keypads to control volume, however usually these systems played one source throughout a home. With the new systems, it is possible to be in 3 or 4 different areas and listen to different sources in each room depending on the number of sources you have connected.

One of the key considerations, should you decide to have one of these systems installed is the complexity of the installation and the reliability of the system that you install. The majority of the systems in the marketplace have rather complex characteristics as CAT 5 wiring is used as the control wire, then speaker wiring. The quality of the installer can become a major issue as can the reliability.

One of the products that I have recently become aware of  is Nexus products from Canada. Three huge benefits of this product.

  1. Ease of installation. The product wiring consists of only installing speaker wiring. All of the control signals are sent through the speaker wiring making it a rather easy install and set-up saving you huge in labour costs.
  2. Easy to use. Excellent quality in all matters from the larger components of the system right through to the keypads.
  3. Reliability. According to the Canadian distributor, Nexus has one of the lowest failure rates in the industry. Why is this important? The product is a component of your home. The wiring, all keypads etc. are built in to your home. When they break…. It is much easier to trace two wires than multiple.
  4. And yes, there is a 4th benefit. The designer, a true audio guy, has put an emphasis on Sound Quality – for a long time! Wow, Great reliability and Great sound. Good partnership I would say.

Check out Nexus on line at: Nexus Audio A dealer listing should be available on their site.

PS, no i don’t sell it, not even sure if I can get it… it’s just great stuff!