I am humbled

Thank you all so very much for your kind responses to my posts. I simply cannot believe your responses, both positive and negative to my posts.  As previously mentioned, many years of my life have been passed listening to great music in my preferred genre at the time and it has been incredibly enjoyable – and a little nerve-racking at times.  My only hope is that you will derive enough benefit from some of my posts to learn to enjoy music.

I suppose in a sense, more people “hear music” now than ever however, I wonder how engaged we are.  Starting more years ago than I care to comment on, wherever one went you would hear what was referred to as “elevator music” or later “muzak”. It was simply noise to decouple the individual from those around them. My sense is that iPods, MP3 players, Zunes etc have only exacerbated this as we now almost use music as a shield.  It allows us to separate ourselves from the world around us!

Music is to enjoy, to revel with. Music is to share. With your family and friends. Don’t we all have a melody or lyrics that remind us of a first love ,  best friend or family member? Music is to draw people together not set them apart. Get engaged in music – listen to it just don’t hear it.

Thank you again for all of your wonderful comments.