Whoa Dudes…(And Dudettes) It’s Back to School Time! – Already

Well folks, July is almost over which means August is cuttin’ in. You know what that means – Back to the Grind or for some of us… Same old Grind.  I’m sure that some of you will be looking at getting things in gear for college or university and I thought some ideas for back to school might be a good thing.

I kinda remember those days – I’m old so memory fails once in a while – but I do remember treks with my kids to get them set up. Yeah, of course there were lots of books, clothes and all that boring stuff, but the cool part was getting “Your Sounds” together. It was great but also a pain in the butt, not so much for the equipment but getting all the LPs and CDs together, finding a place to store it all in the dorm-room that would keep it all safe, trying to keep hold of the music ’cause somebody always wanted to borrow your stuff permanently unless they scratched it or broke it, and then packing it all up again at the end of the school year!  What a pain!

For any of you going away to school this year, I do have a suggestion. There is a device in the market that is inexpensive, needs no software but offers you any – well almost any – music that you wanna hear. Yep, it’s an internet radio. Most of them are small, easy to place in a room, sound pretty darn good and let you leave your music at home. Yeah, I know that you have lots of tunes on your iPod or other portable digital devices, you can also use your device through many of these Internet Radios.

But just imagine, just add wi-fi in your room and you can listen to whatever genre of music or news or talk radio from most of the countries around the globe. This is cool, because if you are a student from elsewhere in the world, you can keep up on what’s happening at home. And get this, if you are in international studies – languages, money markets, social work in other countries, you can pick up a working knowledge of another language through your radio.

Do you realize there are over 10,000 stations pre-programmed into most of these gizmos? Unbelieveable!

So leave that “stack of Hi-Fi gear and software” at home. Put an internet radio in your knapsack and toddle off to your chosen school of higher learning. They sound great, and are easier to sell in January when money gets tight!

Who Makes Them?

  1. TEAC
  2. Squeezebox
  3. Scansonic

These are probably my 3 favourites to date!

Enjoy your trek to higher learning!