Notes to all of you re: our site

Some of you have indicated my blog is full of spam. This confused me as we do have anti spam software, as well I check my blog regularly and delete anything that contains links to other sites that are enticing us all to go to their sites and become rich. We all know the reality of that is similar to a “snowballs’ chance in hell!”.  I know that at times my site has been somewhat difficult to load, even for me. I will also suggest to you that yes, there is spam, I do delete it however this is often not the solution. The SPAMMERS have been contacted, even by my ISP but many of them refuse to stop. As you know, it is very difficult to stop them when they give a different user name with every comment. Thanks so much for all of your comments – Spammers ignore this statement as most of you are simply rude.

Just have received notice from the company that hosts my site that one of their servers has gone “wonky” and they will be fixing it tonight and tomorrow night. Hopefully this will fix the issues.

Thanks for your patience.