Spend Wisely

You know folks, I am now getting plenty of comments, which is wonderful because it tells me that you have a search for knowledge and knowledge is what works, always has.   I also love the comments that you give simply because I know that you out there like the knowledge and the way that I present it. So, thank you all for the 3,000 of so comments that I have received. By the way, If you don’t agree, say so. It is still a free world and even if you don’t agree, seems that I made you think. Awesome!

I would like to address a subject that has been on my mind for a while, just wanted to get my head around how to present it, so….here goes.

Seems  today, because of our very busy lives, we will always take the path of least resistance and first look at a product that is heavily promoted, regardless what we buy. Manufacturers will often inject quotes into their ads that some person of influence “uses our product and says it’s the best or whatever”.  XYZ is car of the year, or this radio is the best because Oprah loves it , consumers reports says it’s wonderful or whatever. Have you ever purchased a device highly recommended, and wished you had never heard of it?  Service issues, product costs too much, ads or manufacturer “over-promised and under-delivered”?   I think that we all have.

I watched a video on U-Tube called “High End Shop” and suggest you may find it very amusing. The video is about a client who enters a stereo shop wanting to buy a small music system, the sales person makes other recommendations, the sale rather comes off the rails probably for many reasons but the ones that stick in my mind are that the product that the customer wanted was very highly advertised “and “Oprah says it was the best”, the sales person on the other hand did not pay attention to what she wanted and what she was willing to spend.

We all love Oprah. She has her own network, has spent years on television and has been handsomely paid for it. She is however a wildly busy woman who probably has more to do that sit and audition audio products, particularly a $500.00 radio. I’m sure the corporation that made the radio said they would send her one, she listened to it and decided that it was a neat product, enjoyed ooddles of paid for publicity and having nothing to compare it to said that it was a great device.

I have nothing but respect for Oprah and the wonderful role she plays in our society. There are many such personages in our society that do the same, but would I take what they say as gospel? Not a Chance!  Why, I like most of you, do not have an ATM machine in my back pocket. If I purchase a device, I need it to do a specific job and last while doing so. I want it to endure all that I can throw at it, rather than throw it out! I also need to work within a budget.

Many of today’s highly promoted products would be difficult to sell without such ad dollars being thrown at them.  What is interesting is many products made available to us are almost “Best Kept Secrets”.  Promotion is more “word of mouth” than constant bombardment.

What we must keep a watch for is many products well known work to a basic fundamental – much more money is spent on promotion than build quality.  Regardless of the product that you buy and sums of money that you spend on something – look for “quality of build”.  We all have trusted stores, stores that have been around a while, that don’t look at you as a wallet, that understand what you are trying to achieve. I still buy my clothing and shoes from the same shop, my cars from the same dealers (which is a challenge because both my wife and I drive SAABS – great vehicles by the way!) my hi-fi, well from me of course but I’m sure that you get the picture!

OK, I’ve kinda’ ranted and spewed forth. You know where I’m coming from. Don’t contribute to high ad budgets, it’s your money, spend it carefully – you will never regret it!