Hey Major TOM…

 You have to check this out! Ground Control buy AudioPrism is a device that looks meaningless and even worse useless. It is seemingly a short length of cord (about 6 inches or so) with a spade connector attached.

It is actually whole whack of wire, wound in a loop, hidden in a fabric cover. The intent of the device is to re-establish the ground plane that is missing from our new fangled components. To make it work, you simply loosen the negative (black) 5 pin binding post on the back of the speaker, or to the negative speaker connection on the back of your amplifier and “listen to the music”.

Does it work? Oh yeah does it ever. Not sure how it works but the results are amazing. Soundstage is much more open, bass is totally tight, voice becomes more prominent – Wow! The way that it works with the sound field is scary greater width, depth and height!

In that this device worked so well, I did try (same as you will) to simply cut a 6″ length of speaker cable and try that out. There was a very teeny tiny difference but not enough to make up for the time and effort.

Ground Control is rather like proper power cables, what else can you do to your overall system to make it as magical for so little outlay of money. I’m sure there are imitators out there but this device really really works.

Check out their web-site by googling audio prism ground control and read the review on 6moons web site.