HRS RDL – Turntable “puck”

Just what is a turntable puck?

They are simply a device that is placed over the spindle on your turntable with the intent  to keep the LP as flat as possible.   These devices are not new, they have been with us for many years.  Many turntable manufacturers such as Oracle or Pro-Ject have included them in a clamp format that screws onto the centre spindle for many years.  There are different configurations of  “pucks” as some simply work by clamping the album as previously mentioned, some by adding massive weight, others by compression fit.

Some pucks work better than others, up to now, I have preferred the clamp style as it usually has a larger circumference base and truly clamps the record flat. The reason why you want the record flat is to allow the turntable mat to do its’ work. Warps etc. add resonances that need to be removed for better sound. As mentioned, pucks do come in different configerations, but this puck is truly unique. Firstly, it is not that heavy, the puck consists of a circular piece of metal which has  rubberized compound that covers the base of the puck, where it meets the album and is also added to the spindle hole.  The reason the spindle whole is filled is to “de-couple” the spindle from the album. The advantage is that noise can be dispersed from the spindle to the record surface. The compound prevents this from happening.

I am not a designer nor a techo-type. I simply know what sound that I like to hear and what has a pleasing impact on sound. According to the Harmonic Resolution Systems web-site, one great feature is the device will actually “eliminate” surface noise on your LPs. Like Many of you, some of my own albums are 35+ years old and Yes, they do have some surface noise. I have one album in particular that is a solo blues artist with his piano (Henry Townsend “Mule) the album is in good shape, but has a few clicks and pops. What I noticed was that virtually all clicks and pops were eliminated except for one or two.  I suspect that the compound definitely did its’ work. Would I buy one, no but only because my turntable comes with a clamp.

Yes , the product seems to work  but is on the high end of the price scale at $325.00 plus GST.  Check out their website by googling harmonic resolution systems and click on “analogue”.