Hi Folks, time for a new post

Again, I would like to thank you all for your comments. I am rather taken aback by your wonderful responses. It will be my goal to keep you all abreast of my thoughts and new concepts and ideas.

Audio Systems, Hi-Fi systems, whatever you wish to dub them, to me fullfill one primary goal – that is to listen to “my Music” in such a manner that it entertains and enthralls me. I love great music on a good hi-fi system, played back at whatever  volume fits the occasion.

Your audio system should do the same. I recognize that we all have budget constraints to work with, you don’t have to purchase it all at once or all new. Often, used gear will fit the bill quite well and in many cases will last longer than a new electronics piece from well-known companies. However if you have the budget – many new products are simply outstanding. Don’t forget manufacturer clear-outs, demos or trade-in specials. A fabulous CD player, amplifier of turntable is often available at a greatly reduced price, yes it may be a model or two old but as the old slogan goes, everyone listens to “used products”!

If a CD player is on your list, it is often better to purchase a good quality new player. Why? Because CD players perform under extreme conditions. The disc itself is rotated at a speed of 700 plus RPM. The chassis has to be solidly built in order that the player does not simply shake the suspension apart.

Another area of concern is the laser head. We don’t often think about it until it has to be replaced which on cheaper players is usually quite often. As you all know, the laser head generates enormous amounts of heat. A cheap laser will burn out within a year. As an example, I too used to purchase DVD players at costco or wherever. Didn’t think about the longevity thing because my CD player has always lasted well. What I found, regardless of the make, it was dead in a year and cost to service made it more practical to buy another piece.

Bought a good one – 6 years ago. Spent almost $400.00 on it but guess what – it still works great. By my estimation, I have saved over $300.00 – not bad.

With a CD player, it is also a good idea to take the cover off every so often (after unplugging it from both the electrical signal and your amplifier) and blowing it out with compressed air that you would use for your computer. This gets rid of pet hair, dust etc. that can become lodged in your player. Be gentle, and don’t let the can get cold.

Back with more tips soon.