VC-10 Automatic Record Cleaner

For over 6 years, I have been promoting the SpinClean viny cleaning system and to me it is still the choice for those of us who like to keep our vinyl “pristine”.  As most of you know, I have down played Automatic cleaners, mostly due to due to 6 factors;

  1. Choice of Fluid.
  2. Size makes them a problem for storage
  3. Vacuum located on the base of the machine (under the LP)
  4. Platter size – the label sized platter is a problem with slight warps
  5. Machine Shut-down
  6. Noise.
  7. Cost of both Cleaner and Fluid

All That Jazz has found a solution to 5 of the 6 issues.  The machine is the SAIDI VC-10 Automatic Cleaner.

Why is it good?

  1. All That Jazz uses a proven solution, SpinClean Fluid diluted and it works great. 4 caps cleans over 100 records and the fluid is always clean.
  2. The Size of the machine is small enough that it is both easy to use (I use it by the kitchen sink) and Easy to Store.
  3. Vacuum Wand works from the top of the LP allowing the wand to flow with the record
  4. Full Sized Platter. Important as the solid base makes for both better cleaning and vacuuming
  5. Many of todays cleaners shut down early due to heat from the vacuum. I use my cleaner for a solid 8-10 hours with no shut down.
  6. Noise – OK, it’s a vacuum. Ear Plugs are recommended
  7. Cost 0f Machine $599 + HST. Cost of fluid? an 8 oz bottle of fluid is about $16. + HST. 4 capfuls of this fluid cleans about  100 records!

Check out the VC-10 demo on Facebook, then call us for a demo! (Great idea to put on your Christmas List). This machine albeit a larger size, is sold for up to $1200. by other manufacturers.

It’s a Great Deal Folks!

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