Invest in Vinyl LPs

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About 18 months ago, as I cruised through the internet I came upon a release from the Robb Report in regards to vinyl records. This report indicated that vinyl records would be come a huge investment opportunity and it seems that they have .  Listening to vinyl LPs has been for many years the true choice of music buffs.  Steve Jobs did it, and Neil Young has been a “forever voice for vinyl. Yes, they may have an i-Pod or some other digital music device for their travels, or even when friends come over, but when it comes to listening to your favourite tunes, vinyl lps seem to be the choice.

It is always amazing to me the wonderful music that fills the room from albums that are 30 or even 50 years old. I recently had the occasion to listen to a “Pat Boone” album and to be frank was totally impressed by the quality of the recording, the musicianship of the orchestra and the arrangement itself. I am not a huge fan of Pat Boone (he was even before my time) but the quality of sound is tough to dispute. Some of these early albums go for huge dollars as they were not pressed in the same quantities as those of even 40 years ago, while others like many Sinatra’s or Nate King Cole etc are relatively inexpensive (many under $10-12)

I am not sure however that until recently  I have really considered vinyl records as an investment. Sure, we know that certain Beatle, Stones or Hendrix albums have value however other artists like Elton John, Dire Straits, Steely Dan etc. can be picked up “for a song” (chuckle, chuckle). There were so many of the modern day classics pressed that today most of these albums except first releases have much value beyond $5-$10. The advantage here of course is that you can pick up a good “used lp” for cheap based on the difference between today’s currency and that of currency in the 50’s to 80’s.

What really brought the investment potential to me however were releases by groups like The Dave Matthews Band or Porcupine Tree. Their albums are usually released in limited lots (usually under 2000 copies). Most of these releases contain 2 albums and sell between $50 – $60.  Because so few albums are released they become valuable quickly. As an example, a sealed album by either of these groups that is about 5 years old or so, that was purchased for $40-$60 now sells on the internet for $200-$500 – if you can find one.

There is however, a second investment component, and that is one of creating a complete library. The reason for this is that some people do collect as an investment however most of us collect music as an investment in our own sanity. With each generation the world becomes a different place. More frenetic and stressful with less time to relax. It is amazing how great music – regardless of the genre will take you to the world of relaxation.

Which reason to invest is truly up to you as an individual. All that I can offer to you is to invest wisely and keep your collection safe.