Rothwell Phono Products Available in Cookstown

It is said ” the most important links in a turntable are Tonearm, Cartridge and Phono Stage”.    At All That Jazz in Cookstown, we are firm believers in this and as such we are happy to announce that we now have the Rothwell Rialto to add to our line-up.  The Rialto works with either moving coil or moving magnet cartridges and offers as an option two moving coil transformers to enhance MC listening.

The Rialto is a simple device – no dip switches to set, primarily because the designer believes that any additional connections in the line corrupt the signal.  This device is quite compact, excellent RCA connections and the ground screw is large – easy to fix the ground wire to.

The sound. That’s what we all want isn’t it.  I was quite surprised when I first hooked this unit up. Excellent frequency response through the range, great depth and seems to like cartidges that I tried. The price point on this system is $760. – not cheap but will compete against many at double the price!

Drop in and grab a “Sound Check”.