“Big Buck” Power Cables

Hi Folks. One question always pops up when tuning up your music system and that is replacing the existing interconnects and power cables. This is indeed a weighty question because when you consider the cables being produced today, they can run from under $10.00 into the thousands of dollars. This simple fact may mean that you spend many hundreds or thousands of dollars so careful consideration must be made when purchasing. Let me give you a wee story that happened last week.

We had just received a QUAD Elite Integrated amplifier. After this amp was “run-in” with a burn in disc, we hooked it up to some speakers and a CD player to give it more time and after a few days, sat down to listen to it. With our initial hook-up, we simply used the power cables provided and the system sounded pretty good – Excellent in fact! A client was in the store asking about power cables, so we changed the cable for our least expensive – a GutWire B-16 at $95.00. The difference was immediate – Better bass response, Incredible difference in image, the music simply blossomed – and this was on a brand new cable! (Yes, he bought the cable). The same afternoon, a client arrived at our store to check if we had sold his cable yet. He had left a cable for us to sell – it was about $700.00. We have had no luck selling this cable so a decision was made to hook the cable up again to the same QUAD amp and check the results. The result was (and we both agreed) there was very little difference. We then hooked the GutWire up again and even the client admitted the difference was not only incredible but very musical!

Wow, a $700. cable was “done in” by a $95. cable. The lesson here is “just because something is big bucks, doesn’t mean it’s better!  Always listen to differences in the store or try the cable on your system before buying!

The GutWire B-16 Cable is also a great Christmas Gift!