Roksan K2 CD Player

Hi Folks. I received a call from one of the clients who dealt with us at Audio Corner some 26 years ago. At that time, Steve had worked his way up to the point that he was able to purchase a relatively new product from that well loved company Meridian. (I realize that I’m wondering here). This product was quite unique in that the system was comprised of modules and the purchaser would simply choose what modules were necessary to fill out his music system. He also bought an LP 12, and coupled it all with Heybrook speakers. The system did sound fantastic and Steve has taken care to “keep up” the system having the amp/preamp rebuilt not too long ago. Please see a picture of the system and the modules below.



This system was not just unique in appearance but incredibly musical and has totally weathered the test of time. Steve was aided in his quest to find great sound by not just our support but that of good friends who enjoyed great music well reproduced.

To make a long story short, a little over one year ago, Steve found us out and purchased a CD player – Roksan K2. He purchased the power cords  and interconnects to ensure good reproduction and for the last year has been mesmorized by the performance of this player. When he called this week, to no great surprise, he simply raves about his CD system and of course his system as a whole. His final word was simply “every time I turn mys system on, the music takes me to another world – it simply fills my room – floor to ceiling and incredible depth.

My points here are:

  1. He carefully choose each component based on how he perceived the sound.
  2. He has faithfully maintained his system both from an “upkeep” perspective and adding crucial accessories
  3. All purchases were based on quality.
  4. Steve is just as enthralled about the musical integrity of his CD player as he is his LP 12 Turntable.

I truly am not sure whether you would consider his system High End or not. Steve and his cohorts simply call it “Incredible to Listen to”. Isn’t that what we all want to aspire to?