Wow, I must have been taking holidays!

Hi Folks

Just realized that I haven’t put in a post for quite a while and I guess it’s time. Sorry for my reluctance to do so , guess it’s like the song says “ain’t it funny how time slips away”! Firstly, I  amd thinking that it is time to shut down the comments on this blog . I have truly appreciated your support with comments, but to be frank, as some of you have noticed, we are simply getting too much “Trash” from Spam etc. and as you know in Canada, the bodies that govern communications are absolutely useless in helping us deal with these predator Spammers.

I do intend to keep comments open for another 30 days to see if I can work with a program or if you have one that you can suggest, please do so. In addition, we do produce a newsletter monthly that you can subscribe to by simply sending a quick email to and we will add you to our list.

Regardless, the blog will continue, just no comments from you fabulous readers.

Thanks a bunch gang – Gord