Thanks for your support

Again, I want to thank you all for supporting All That Jazz, both our Blog and website. Seems that you still look forward to my offerings and that is good.

I wanted to address an issue that keeps cropping up, hundreds of times monthly. Many of you suggest that I turn my blog into a “Hi-Fi  Authority”. As much as I truly appreciate your faith in me, I must confess that I really don’t think that my credentials hold up. Yes, I have been an active member of the Hi-Fi community since the very early 70’s (that’s 1970 not 1870) but my specialty is how the music sounds to me. I am not a technician, nor a designer, I simply like to hear my music a certain way.

That is truly the message that I try to extend to you. It really doesn’t matter what your brother, best friend or myself as a dealer feels sounds good. It’s what your ears perceive to be good. After all, you have to listen to it!

Not long ago, I read a letter in a hi-fi mag and this letter and response rather explained things clearly. A chap wrote a letter, asking the editor of the publication for advice in helping his friend “listen to music properly”.  Apparently his friend boosted the bass too much for the letter writer’s taste. We all know people like this, there are indents on the volume and bass control trying to get the last nth out of a system.

The response was as it should be, who says the letter writer is correct. According to the writer, his listening tastes were different from his friend’s. His friend paid for the system, listened to it in his own home but was accommodating enough to invite other’s to his home to listen to music. In other words, leave it alone.

Again, not long ago, a client suggested a CD to another client. The client asked why the suggestion and the response was “because I have excellent taste in music”. Well folks, who says!. I’m not sure if I have excellent taste in music, I just know that what I listen to is great to me!

When I offer pearls on these pages as to tune-ups etc., I recognize that most of you should take it with a grain of salt. Most of the ideas that I offer are ideas that come from “playing around” with your hobby. If you use them – so be it! It is your home, your music and your budget that you purchased your hi-fi with. Don’t buy based on someone else’s standards. It is you who the music must satisfy.

Interesting, lately I have been jockeying equipment in my home. For the most part, I don’t like the way my music sounds right now. Gotta work on it!!!