Condo Dweller?

Many of us today have decided for one reason or another to make our home in a condo project. There are great benefits to this – no lawn to mow or windows to fix, usually a super convenient location close to public transit and often schools. For city dwellers it is also one of the least expensive ways to own a new home rather than paying a landlord.

One of the joys of a condo is simple and usually inexpensive living which actually translates to smaller living area. One negative about this is limited space for your hi-fi. Large speakers are often impossible to place as are the myriad of components that you may  hope to use. Space is also limited to the size of electronics as there may be no room for “big boxes or multiple boxes”.  Even if your condo is large, you may simply want to minimize things.

There are often ways around this, there are plenty of options for small monitor Speakers, many having great sound, as well as in-wall speakers – the only negative with these is usually the walls are concrete so they need to be added during the initial construction stage. For the physical components, you can get small music systems from almost any hi-fi company these days.

A great advantage of these units is size. Most systems are about the same heighth as todasy receivers and amplifiers but about have the width. Mini- Systems usually consist of; an am/fm tuner, CD Player and a 20-40 wpc amplifier. Many great names such as Cambridge, NAD and Teac offer models usually under the $700.00 mark.

From a sound prospective they are usually quite good, particularly the Cambridge and NAD units but simply due to their size and cost, they may be found lacking in a good quality speaker system like ASW, Spendor, QUAD dynamic Speakers etc.

There is however a “Hi-Fi” version recently available from a company called April Music called an Aura Premier All-In-One Music Centre. This is a no-nonsense unit, high current 50wpc,am/fm, excellent quality top loading CD and a fantastic quality DAC combine to offer separate component sound. Inputs for MP3 or i-Pod plus Aux 1 & 2

Great unit, albeit at a price of $2495. + taxes. I was fortunate enough to hear this unit at the distributors showroom and was pretty knocked out with it.  We expect to receive our 1st unit shortly and will be open to demonstrations.