Whoa, March has blown by!


Hi Folks. March has passed us and I missed a column.  Obviously have to fix that!

Hope that the spring has found you well and again I must thank you for continuing to read our posts. The first quarter of the year is typically the time that we hibernate in our homes. With the coming of the cold weather, our activities turn to skiing, snow mobiling and listening to our favourite music!  Ya, it’s hi-fi time and there is lots of great stuff to listen to. Pull out your old albums, CDs or Cassettes (yes, they are making a comeback) and enjoy great tunes. Still lots of time to relax in the mornings or evenings with your favourite beverage and relax to the great music. Nothing takes the edge off a long day like emersing yourself in the luxurious sounds of Sinatra, Miles Davis or the Beatles!

As you know, we do offer used vinyl and we have come up with some simply fantastic copies of old Jazz/Blues LPs in NM to Mint conditions – both the vinyl and sleeves!

Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Sidney Bechet, Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller, Jimmy Rushing, Panama Francis, some compilations, Pete Bocage, Kid Ory are only a few of the featured artists with more to come. I currently have available some 59 LPs. Drop us an email and I will forward a listing of the artists and LPs.

Oh, by the way, they do sound fantastic!