What’s with This Entitlement Thing?

Please name me 10 new artists that you feel will have the staying power of say….  The Beatles,  The Stones, Pink Floyd or Elton John.  How about The Eagles, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits or even Bowie, Alice Cooper, Stevie Winwood , Genesis, U2, etc.  These groups are as popular now or even moreso than when they first burst on the scene some 30+ years ago.  Where are all of the “superstars of the New Millenium”?

I recognize that as tough as it has always has been for new artists, it must be tenfold harder to “Make it” these days. Why? Perhaps because a huge percentage of individuals feel that it is ok to pirate music or simply steal music from the song writers or groups. When was the last time that your boss said to you that “I would like you to work for me but there will be no pay”? How long would anyone remain a member that employers staff. I can only assume that none of you. We all have rent to pay, food to buy, transportation needs to fill in order to get to our workplace, clothing, some walking around money and of course if you can’y buy some luxuries such as music, where is the “fun in life”.

It is simply amazing the number of folks who visit our store with their “teens in tow” looking for albums or Cds only to have their teens’ say “Just download it” or why buy the album, just download a tune. Wow, what are we left with. When we buy an album, or a book or other works of art, we receive the whole “story” or thoughts of the artists. Could you imagine just listening to Taxman rather than the whole “Beatles Revolver Album”? How about only downloading one or two cuts from “Dark Side of the Moon” – it’s rather like watching a “movie trailer” and saying you have seen the movie isn’t it?

Many of todays’ artists may very well not have the time to actually create an album. For many of the masterpiece albums, the lyrics alone many have taken months to write. Once the music is written, it must be recorded then the songs must be sequenced to offer you the listener “the whole story”. This is not a quick process and is as important to the artists as the notes that were written.

Why would you spend a year to have your work of art broken into pieces and sold at $0.99. Where is the monetary return? To me, it is rather like taking the Mona Lisa and cutting into millions of pieces.  As a whole the painting makes sense, in pieces you have no concept what the work of art was or when it was created.

As I read more about Steve Jobs – Crowned as The King of Digital Music, it is interesting to note that he too must have felt somewhat this way. I-POD AT WORK, VINYL AT HOME. According to major artists such as Neil Young, Steve Jobs was working on a Super Digital play in order to play and record high definition music, specifically special  high quality downloads.

I guess the question is “what artists would he focus on with these new Apple Downloads – The Beatles or one of today’s artists.

The gist of this rant is, if we as listeners are not willing to “pay for the privilege” of enjoying a story from an artist, Where is the benefit to them to create and record masterpieces.