Mobile Fidelity Geo Disc.

For those of you with turntables, there is a great device, moderately priced to help maintain proper tonearm/cartridge alignment.  Many of you have probably realised that once your turntable is properly set up, more music starts to flow, left and right balance is more even – just seems to sound better.

Check out the Mobile Fidelity Geo-Disc. It is amazingly easy to use, very accurate and won’t break the bank. At our store, we actually use 3 types of alignment gauges – one by Clear Audio, a Pro-ject alignment protractor and the Geo Disc.  Initial set-up is usually done with the Geo-Disc then we verify with one of the other gauges to ensure accuracy. In the many hundreds of turntables that we have checked, there was only one issue and that proved to be a tonearm issue.

Tonearm geometry is crucial because in makes sure that the Stylus (needle) is placed perfectly in the groove as the arm follows the grooves. There are many devices in the marketplace some reaching into the many hundreds of dollars. This makes the Geo Disc at $75.00 Cdn + tax a relative bargain.

Yep, short but sweet today!

Thanks for reading- Gord C :