Wow, February Already, Lot’s More LPs to Clean!

Well, here we are into February already, winter is almost half over and still no snow (or very little in S Ontario). Hope that the winter has been ok for you and you are truly enjoying your music. Even with the mild weather, it is still a little too cold to enjoy the outdoors, so we are likely to see at least 2 more months of crappy weather – lot’s of time to enjoy more music.

For you, my faithful readers, you will undoubtedly recall some posts for the past in which I waxed on about one of my favourite accessories – Spin Clean Record Bath. To re-iterate, this device is still my favourite cleaner. As long as you follow instructions, make sure to use Distilled Water, not tap water (too many chemicals in it) the results are simply fantastic. We have sold oodles of these devices and not one complaint!

One of the things that Spin Clean does is remove the release agents that are left on your LP from the stamping process. To explain, when an LP is stamped, a release agent must be added to both A & B sides of the stamped to ensure the lp will “be released” from the stamper. Without these agents, the release either no happen and get a “corrupted disc”. The release agent shows up in the water as a dark gray to black mixture which actually does not ge back onto the album due to the characteristics of the fluid. This fluid actually pulls all the crap that it removed from the LP to the bottom of the basin.

I can’t tell you how many people have told me that Spin Clean is one of the best pieces that they have purchased for their music system!

Throughout the first year, we have had an astonishing number of successes with accessories and here are the most popular;

  1. Spin-Clean LP Bath (still under $80.00)
  2. Gut-wire B-16 Power Cables : Amazing results for $95.00
  3. Shine-Ola CD Cleaner: truly can rejuvinate your CDs and LPs. Even makes a new CD/DVD sound better
  4. Atlas Element Cable: New cable, simply out does mmost cables up to $140.00 and many at $200 – still $100.00
  5. Roksan Turntable Bearing Oil; Brings the sparkle back to your turntable – $39.00

Amazing hints that work wonders;

  1. Changing out the bi-wire straps on your speakers for good quality Speaker Wire – Speakers simply “Come to life”
  2. Add “Bluetack” to turntable tonearms. This is a great solution for older Duals, Technics, Denons etc. as well as some of the turntables from the late 80’s. Simply take a small piece of Bluetack (an anti-resonant compound) and roll it out into a thing round strip. Add this strip around the arm a bit in front of the tonearm bearing. The Sound difference is amazing – less tinny, more open and fuller! – Make sure that you re-balance the tonearm!
  3. Use devices that raise you speaker wire Off  the floor.These devices can be purchased or simply use coat hangers or tv antenna hangers
  4. Move your speakers 18″ from the back wall of your room. They image better and are much more open.
  5. Use banana connectors on you speakers- if the binding post has that capability. Better contact = More sound.
  6. Change electrical receptacles that your audio system is connected to from the builders grade to Hospital grade. These give great contact and allow more current through.

Well, thanks for reading, hope that all finds you well and welcome to all new readers. Some of you are indicating that our blog can be slow to load – but only a few. I must apologize for that and will try to fix.

All The Best – Gord