Only 10 Months!

Hi folks, it has been approx 10 months since the opening of our store and the true launch of our blog. We have tried to offer hints, suggestions and opinions and fortunately you have helped us to have some of the most read blogs on google. Last count we had 5 posts in the top 10 so thank you all so very much.

It has been very gratifying to receive comments from all corners of the globe, I must confess that unless they are in English I am usually not able to read them but a simple “Thumbs Up” works well!

Thank you again for your loyalty to our blog, my wife and I both enjoy your comments and are amazed at the growth of our blog.  There will be much more next year so it would be great if you could continue in your support of our blog.

Thank you all so very much!

Gord & Deb /