Why We Don’t Sell Extended Warranties!


Nope, won’t sell you any extended warranties. Why, first of all, our products come with a either a two year or 5 year warranty. The exception being iPod docks and entry headphones.  Secondly the brands we offer are excellent product, well designed and well-made.  This eliminates 70% of warranty issues. Thirdly, we actually talk to people and explain how to keep the product clean, away from prying hands and explain to wives (I love her but I have one ruined HB 2 Speaker complete with water spots!) please do not use these as plant stands. (It was amazing years ago when a couple brought in a speaker covered in huge water spots and separations in the veneers and couldn’t believe this was a non-warranty situation). OK then!

Many times warranties do not cover most of the problems that we incur.  Warranties usually do not cover screen damage on video or computer products, burned voice coils on speakers, Cracked iPod screens, broken headphones etc. Why, usually these are caused by user abuse.

We can all be pretty dumb at times:

  1. Dropping a product on an LCD screen will rip the screen. No Warranty, but if you are that dumb not to move the TV to a safe place or have someone help you – It’s on You!
  2. Go ahead, Drop your laptop. There are actually cases designed to protect your laptop. Sorry that you missed the note about that!
  3. Oh, you have a cracked i-Touch screen too.  I remembered to put a protective cover on the back, but forgot a screen protector. My i-Touch is now an i-Crunch. Nope – no warranty on that puppy! USER ERROR! 
  4. Speakers don’t work? I know, sales rep said they were 100 watt speakers on a 40 watt amp- “Don’t worry, you will never blow these and if you do the warranty will cover it. Eh No…. He lied and it is not covered under warranty. Why? Unless a speaker is ACTIVE, there is no Amplifier in a speaker. The rating that you see is a Clean Power Rating. If driven hard,  an amplifier will “clip” which is simply the amplifier will reproducs the wave form as accurately as possible until it runs out of juice, at this point it “clips off” the peak of the wave form. This clipped signal does not disappear, the signal is translated as “heat”. This will seize the “Voice coil” in your speaker. Nope, no warranty.
  5. My Headphones don’t work on one channel. Well bonehead, I see that you wrap the headphone cord tightly around your music player. What do you think happens when you do that – You strain the cable and it breaks.

There really is a point to my rambles – Honest!   Question. If no one at the store that you bought the product  at explains these issues, how in the world are you supposed to know! Either they don’t know or they just wanna sell a warranty. In many cases that is the primary area that they make profit on.

At All That Jazz, we like many like-minded retailers want you to enjoy your product not just for “A Good Time” but “A Long Time”.  Part of our service is to explain not just what you are buying but how to use it properly and what to avoid.

Anyway, don’t sell warranties because our product is actually well made, rather we advise on what not to do if you want your products to last forever. Some of my product is from the mid-70’s and still works fine.

My advise to you all is to “Find a dealer that you can trust and listen”.  You won’t need an extended warranty!

Please feel free to contact me directly at: gord@allthatjazzhifi.com or via my website : www.allthatjazzhifi.com