Do You Really Need Multi Channel for Video

Multi Channel receivers have been with us since the early 90’s. My first multi-channel receiver was a Nakamichi AV2 which was Pro-Logic and sounded good in either stereo or 5.1 mode. This unit was replaced by a Denon 6.1, then a NIRO 5.1 bar.

As most of you know by now, I am an audio guy so my focus was on the music. The Nak and Denon systems were paired to a Paradigm Theatre System, the NIRO did not need the paradigms as it was all contined in two cabinets. My NIRO System broke recently, I had taken down my Paradigm speakers and boxed up my Nak and Denon and decided not to use them due to speakers all over the place. As I couldn’t listen to the TV speakers the next step was to figure out what to use. A light bulb turned on when I realized that I did have my Nakamichi Stasis receiver and a pair of Heybrook HB 2 speakers. So the Nak was set up, the DVD set to PCM stereo and the Heybrooks were connected. What did I find?

I loved it. Although no sub woofer was hooked up, there is actually better bass response that before  and I no longer get fatigued by listening to dynamics. Oh, they are there but the system sound so good that I truly wonder why I went to Multi-Channel. I think that it was because I simply got caught up in the buzz of Home Theatre.  The system is simple and easy to run, Sounds better to me than ever. No, sound is not coming from behind me but sounds still come from the far right and left and because the speakers image so well there is still lots of height and depth. There are no more screechy highs or booming bass. It is simply musical. The bass is extremely solid and actually can follow an entire note – Wow!

There is another important reason why I prefer this system. As we age, our hearing gets less acute thus our senses less accurate. I find the sound to be less confusing. Often words were missed, even at high volumes, and the overall sense was simply too much. Guess I realized that I don’t really want a “multi-channel” video system. I will be very happy to “make do”  with my simple Hi Fi system!  Try it for yourself, think you will love it!