Our website

Hi Folks.

We have received so many requests for details re; our site that I wanted to let you all in on the information.

Yes, I am totally new to blogging. A friend of mine helped me set up this WordPress site and WordPress blog. I confess that I had zero knowledge about web-sites and less than zero regarding running a blog – as you can see by scanning early posts.

So, yes the site and blog are a WordPress theme although I really can’t remember what them it was. I just picked one and then the colour scheme. My site is hosted by 4GoodHosting.com which I think is a company located in British Columbia Canada and was recommended to me by the same friend who helped me set things up, I too was totally impressed by the speed of site and the ease of set-up.

The blog is totally written by myself, which is creating problems due to time constraints however, as you can tell I do love to do it and I am totally in awe of your responses – So again, a huge thank you. We are now approaching up to 10,000 hits weekly which is astounding that I have the good fortune to communicate with so many wonderful folks.

My name, as you can see on the website is Gord Crawford. I have been in this industry as both store owner and sales representatives for major distributors for about 40 years.  I can be contacted directly by telephone at 705-717-7300 or by email at either; gord@allthatjazzhifi.com or atjgroup@rogers.com and yes, I do treasure all of the correspondance.

We do run a newsletter, should you like to receive this, please indicate on your comment and I would be glad to add you to our list. We do not accept advertising on our site as I don’t want to be influenced by outside forces. When I create a post, it is important that I give my observations as I see them, not as a work of fiction dictated by a supplier.

We have carefully selected every line you see and stand on their reputation. I trust this helps to put some matters to rest.

Thank you all again for your incredible comments and loyalty to our site. Our success is in your hands.

Thank you all so very much


Gord C