iPod vs. Zune

Hi Folks. Seem to be getting a whack of comments regarding Apple iPod vs. MS Zune.  There seems to be a general discussion which format is better, who has the best browser etc. As you know, I am not a true fan of either format however when I chose a player, I chose an iPod. Why? many reasons but here are a few;

  1. Music:  The iPod is better from a musical perspective although neither is great as both compress music dramatically. Do you realize that the MP3 format is the absolute lowest quality of all music formats.
  2. Applications – Apple still has the most and from my opinion the easiest to access.
  3. Internet Radio – The iPod has so many different Internet radio apps that are inexpensive and easy to use.
  4. Accessories- Just what can you buy for a ZUNE or any other MP3 units? Well you can download music of absolutely terrible quality – and for $0.99 a tune – What a rip-off! You can buy headphones and maybe a case but virtually every manufacturer of digital music docks only offer complete docking and menu ptioniPod. Oh yeah, those of you with MP3 players, if you listen in your car, most commonly use a 3.5mm cable running from the headphone jack to whatever you use to transmit to your car radio. Apple allows running a cable from the buss port which allows for a much higher quality signal.
  5. Hi-Fi Docks – Docks that you would connect to your existing hi-fi system run convert the info from the buss port to RCA plugs, again Zune uses the headphone jack – disgusting musically.

Just a note re Headphone jacks. When you are listening to music via headphones, you are listening to an amplified signal. This means that the signal on your recorded music is amplified in order that you can hear it through your headphones. When you run from a headphone jack to a 3.5 mm plug, the situation is similar to car stereo systems using boosters rather than an amplifier. In this case, everything including distortion gets boosted. Result? Crap sound!

Nuff said – so which one do I like?  Neither, I am not a huge digital user however as I said my choice is the apple.

Finally, I really don’t understand the popularity of downloading music. Do you realize that if you downloaded most great albums, you almost pay more for an MP3 download, than a CD which you can actually follow the beat of the music. Do you not realize that you are paying HUGE DOLLARS for music that we used to get for FREE, that of an AM Radio. You are being rippppppped Big Time!

You want to record tunes? beg, borrow or steal a CD (just not from my shop), record it using the appropriate format on your computer and get your music in at least a semi musical format. Sounds better and is less costly.

Wow, guess I’m kind of opinionated, but at least I’m not deaf!!!