Ideas for Christmas

Well folks, Halloween is almost here which means that we are getting closer to that most special season known as “Christmas”.  Special as it gives us time to share with family and friend’s. Great because it is the time to reflect on the outgoing year. Globally, 2011 has been a very “adventurous” year, I’m sure that most of us are happy to see it pass.

As we reflect, with our favourite beverage in hand sitting by the fireplace or perhaps in warmer climes lazing by the ocean, nothing is better to soothe our wounds than music. If you are a “Hi-Fi” fan, or have one on your list, below are a few ideas that might help in your quest.

Hi-Fi Gizmos; Wow, this is the stuff that we live for. New gadgets and gizmos that we can add to our systems to make them better or seemingly do so. Nothing is more interesting to an “audio nut” than seeing how a new gadget will impact on their music.

  1. Spin-Clean Record Bath: Nothing is more sacred to a vinyl addict that a device that really and truly “cleans” their software. Absolutely amazing stuff!
  2. Shine-ola CD/DVD Cleaner: Immediate gratification with both listening to music or watching a movie. Gets rid of fingerprints and grunge, a huge difference in Sound Quality
  3. New Gutwire Power Cables. If your hi-fi buff has equipment with detachable 3 prong power cables, they will be absolutely amazed at just what impact these power cables do.
  4. GutWire Notpad: gets rid of vibration created by power supplies, transport systems etc.
  5. Cork Record Mats: Fabulous for the vinyl addict. Makes the album sound more dynamic, can even cut back on tics and pops.

New Music: This is what having a system is all about – listening to your favourite artist or finding new “pearls” to listen to. CDs, LPs or music DVDs are always a favourite.

  1. Kenny Wayne Shepard 10 Days Out:  Great addition for any “Blues Fan”. Kenny Wayne recorded a CD or blues artists (known and not so well known) in their home environment – absolutely fabulous collection of Blues Artists. DVD is also included which features not only artists but 2 sets of Blues. This may also be the best recording of BB King and “The Thrill is Gone”.
  2. Melody Gardot: Fabulous Jazz Singer from the U.S. I have been able to secure 2 of her CDs however I understand more are available.
  3. B.B. King & Jr. Wells – Hoo-Doo Man Blues: Available on CD or LP
  4. Getz /Gilberto: One of my personal favourites. Brazilian music and that incredible Sax by Stan Getz: CD and maybe LP
  5. Matt Anderson: No Blues Collection is complete with Matt Anderson, our mighty blues person from the “East Coast”. Our store has music playing outside, and when I put on Matt Anderson tunes, you can see drivers with fingers tapping, even hear some whoops of approval!

CDs and LPs include artists like; Miles Davis, B.B. King, James Cotton, John Coltrane, Kenny Burrell, Allman Bros, Gregg Allman, Eric Clapton, Eric Bibb, Art Blakey, Old Blue Eyes, Stacey Kent, Memphis Slim, Magic Sam, Gatemouth Brown, Luther Allison, Diana Krall, Charlie Byrd, Charlie Parker, Saffire, and oh my goodness, on it goes.  Artists that you know, and maybe many that you don’t.  

Let them listen in Privacy;

  1. Headphones from GRADO
  2. Headphones from SHURE


What’s available for Playback?

  1. Turntables from Pro-Ject:  Staring from $299.00 + HST
  2. Phone Cartridges: Goldring, Ortofon, Sumiko. Try the 2M Red from Ortofon – an absolute bargain!
  3. Phono Stages: NAD,  Nerve Audio, Pro-Ject, Revolver, phono stages start at just 99.00 + HST. Some with USB that allow transfer of LPs and Cassettes to digital.
  4. Electronic Balance Gauges from Pro-Ject
  5. Alignment Gauges from Pro-Ject and Mobile Fidelity.

Maybe a new piece of hardware:

  1. Amplifiers from Mastersound, NAD or Roksan.
  2. Mini Receivers from BRIK, NAD or TEAC
  3. Internet Radios from Squeezebox
  4. iPod Docks from KANTO
  5. Speakers from ASW, PSB or Revolver

Lot’s of Great ideas from All That Jazz. Hi-Fi that won’t break the bank!